Heartbreak Quotes


True love is spelled G-I-V-E.
It is not based on what you can get,
but rooted in what you can give to the other person….


If I were to die
before you arrive
In your heart
I will always survive


You are my dream, just be my reality that’s what all I wish today, be mine on this valentine



Live in the moment

Live in the moment ……………..

Nordic a church,
There is a statue of Jesus was nailed to the cross on the crucifix ,
About the same size, and the average person .
Because responsive,
Therefore a special trip to come here to pray , worship of many people, especially
Can almost be described as a hotbed of activity .

Church there was a janitor who
See Jesus on the cross every day to meet the demands of so many people ,
Feel too harsh , he hopes to share the hard work of Jesus.
One day when he prayed to Jesus demonstrated this wish.
Surprisingly, he heard a voice saying :
” Well ! I’m down for you the janitor , you come crucified .
But no matter what you see , hear , can not say a word . ”

The President felt that this requirement is very simple .
Then Jesus down, Mr. janitor up,
Jesus was crucified like a camel stretching arms,
Originally crucifix carved and live on almost
So people come to worship him not suspected ,
This gentleman is also in accordance with the previous agreement,
Peace, and listen to the voices of the faithful .
And from the crowds flocked
They pray , reasonable , unreasonable , strange and so forth.
Nevertheless, he choked back down and did not speak,
Because he must abide by previous commitments .
One day came a businessman ,
When wealthy prayer finished, they even forgot to leave money on hand .
He looked in the eye, called the wealthy really want to come back ,
However, he can not say simmering .

Then came a poor meals not following ,
He prayed he could help it weather the storm of life .
When you want to leave, leave businessman who previously found the bag ,
Open , which are all money.
The poor was very happy ,
Jesus nice, responsive, very grateful to leave.
Jesus on the cross camouflage look in the eyes ,
Wanted to tell him that this is not for you.
However, the agreement earlier, he still simmering can not say .
Then there is a young man came to the sea journey ,
He is to pray to Jesus bless him peace.
Just when you want to leave, rushed to the wealthy ,
Seize the skirts of young people, to pay back the money the young ,
Young unknown Jiu Li , the two quarreled .
This time , Jesus on the cross , could not disguise , then speak up …
Since the matter clear , the wealthy will find counterfeit Jesus described by the poor,
The young man is in a hurry to leave, do not fear to take on board .
Jesus appears disguised as a janitor , pointing to the cross , said:
“You come on down ! That position you do not have the qualifications .”
Doorman said: “I say the truth , justice , do not you ? ”
Jesus said: “What do you know who the wealthy are not short of money , and his bag of money , but for prostitutes , ?
But for the poor, but it is possible to restore a size livelihoods ;
The most pathetic is that the young man ,
If the wealthy have been tied down, the delay of his time at sea ,
He also saved a life , and now he is aboard the ship was sunk in the sea . ”
This is a fable sounds like a joke , but it reveals :
“In real life,
We often think how kind is the best,
But it did not, so we agreed not flat .
We must believe :
Currently we have ,
Whether good times , adversity, is the best arrangement for us .
If so ,
We can be thankful in good times , in the face of adversity still feel joy. ”
Things in life , there is no perfect .
But we should be careful to live in the moment.
Give you some ” Maslow ” remark :
If you change the heart ,
Your attitude change with it ;
Changes in attitudes,
Change your habits to follow ;
Your personality change with ;
Personality changes,
Follow changes in your life .
Thanksgiving in good times ,
Still feel joy in adversity ,
Seriously live in the moment .


Feelings on relationships

For the love we can only say that the relationship can not be in-depth nature difficult to last long,
Even long can a lack of real meaning.
As deep relations can guarantee not to break it, I think it is not,
There are no absolutes, even though there may be no birth from death.
So, a lot of love for a long time need to meet the conditions,
The only need is to worry about, you know?

The most important thing is to know what qualities you are touched by the boys,
Sometimes the girls are likely to be attentive to impress or sweet,
But of course, when you have to chase the boys to do ah.
Or, we often feel cheated by their own,
You will think they like each other,
In fact, you just love this person bring your feelings.

So, do not just care about the boys can do for you what to do,
But whether the in-depth look at the interaction, whether spiritual resonance.
Of course, this is the need to communicate and time
Not like each other on the “Try” together,
Then a sign of trouble that fall in panic.



Sometimes I wish I had never met you because
then I could go to bed at night not knowing
there was someone like you out there.

You can fall in love in an instant.
It’s letting go that takes time.

Missing someone gets
easier every day because
even though it’s one day
further from the last time
you saw each other,
it’s one day closer
to the next time you will.

Some people live their whole life and never fall in love.
I lived mine and I fell in love.

You must remember this,
a kiss is just a kiss…


The sad memories that only belonged to us

Boy and a girl met in a shoe factory, because they are there to work. That year 18-year-old boy, very handsome, very naughty, a little bully, usually a factory in the factory will not do one week, and he is a very lazy person, the girl that was 17 years old, and the girl on the contrary, She was very industrious, that beautiful and gentle, a cute beauty. They live in the same building rental housing, the boy lived 5th floor, 3rd floor girls live, basically every day, they met a long time, the girl told the boy started some like it, but the boy is a cynical bad temper, so she did not show She liked him, but the boy did not know God will give him an angel.

At first they did not have any feelings, just a very ordinary very ordinary friend. But one day, the boy lived on the 4th floor of a friend came to the boy, his friend said: You familiar with the 3rd floor that crush you? Boy: In a factory work, which is not familiar, how? What attempts? Friend: I want to go after her, to talk about how to help me? Boy: wow parade! There are no good? Friends: successful 120 envelopes, how? Boy: OK! What it says! Tomorrow I’ll help you to say. Friend patted the boy’s shoulder and said: That brothers, to see yours!

So the next day the boy asked the girl like a joke, like: Do you have a boyfriend? Girl smiled and said: nope. Boy: I’ll introduce you to how to? Girl: Who? Boy: Yesterday, come with me to play the factory that friend, how? (This is not the 4th floor, but the first day to the factory to play with boys and boys, but also the boy’s friends, to the factory he took a fancy to the girl, so that on the 4th floor Come on boy before he had to help chase said the boy told the girl he likes, but also please help chase the boy.) girl shook his head: Do not! Boy: the fourth floor that it? Girl: What? Boy: one who lived 410 often like that with you strike up a conversation. Girl: ah? That ah! I do not want it! Disgusting. The boy was silent. After a child, the boy asked the girl pretending to grin expression: What do you think that the fifth floor? Girl: 5th floor? Which? Boy: live 506 one. (Boy that time lived in room No. 506) girl eye in a circle, as if thought for a moment who lived 506, then two eyes staring at the boy: Sure! She said yes! She actually promised! Boy can not believe! Because the boy had never really been in love with the girls, at most, when the school crush on someone else, this time to open his own joke, she actually promised! Boy with unspeakable excitement, after all, so many boys did not catch, he easily on hand Well, so very excited.

In this way, the boy in the days after gradually fell in love with the girl, the boy was completely changed his girl, he is not fights, no drugs, not lazy … In short front and rear complete two people. While girls are not good at showing their love for the boy, she just put love in my heart, silently in love with the boy.

Together they go to work, go shopping, play together, go to the park together, play together, nighttime stroll through the bustling streets, had a very happy. However, very beautiful short novels are written this way. Just one day after work them girls about boys night out for a walk in the evening, they always walk in the familiar streets, and then in a familiar roadside couple sit sit down. Then the girl began to speak, she said: Lun, (for boys called her) we break up … boy was surprised to release the girl’s hand, and then two hand on the girl’s shoulder: Honey, how the ? Why break up? Girl: I told my parents do not agree with you, so … the boy listened to did not speak, the girl did not speak again, so a long silence, the boy began to speak, and then we break up … then girl’s tears began to fall down, the boy was distressed girl wiped tears from his eyes,: Dear, do not cry easily! I will not forget you, rest assured! Then the girl tightly hugged the boy, the boy hugged the girl involuntarily, a moment, they are contrary to the leave. Boy Renzhaoshangtong returned home, the girl is full of tears and go. That night, they all fell asleep reputation, both in the memories of past memories together.

The next day, the boy did not go to work, lying at home one day, the girl is listless mix for a day in the factory. Went to the night, the boy could not help but pick up the phone, sent a message to the girl: Honey, we can not fail to break up? Girl saw the information, do not hesitate to go back one: ah! Boy girl received the information, and I feel unspeakable, the boy: Honey, I love you! I swear! This life I will marry you! Definitely not betray you! Until the last moment of my life! The girl looked very happy: Remember you said tonight, I will love you until the day that you do not love me. Boy: ah! After what let me to solve the problem, believe me! I can do it in! Do one encounters the issue will break up with me, then I forbid you to say to me breaking up the word, my dear, promise me, okay? Girl: ah! Then you have to promise me, no matter what I did wrong, do not easily let go of my hand. Boy: I will not let go. This evening, they talked for a long, long time.

Time passed quickly, and six months later, they are still, as always, work together, work together, play together, with water and soil, according to Pat music together, the boy’s QQ space which is full of photos taken with them, QQ screen name a couple, even grouping also lovers.

Walk together holding hands in the street when the boy’s friends say they both have met the couple like.

Due to time reasons, the boy has been used together with the girls every day, have been inseparable girls, have been deeply in love with the girl! They never quarreled together, have not had even argue, get along very harmonious, which is called happiness …

Boom without long day at work, the girl sent a message to the boy: Where are you? Came to my house that I have something to tell you, I am the only one at home. Boy in Internet cafes, saw the girl’s information, he immediately came to the girl on the next plane home, he saw the girl, revealing a sweet smile, the girl can still blankly looked at the boy, the boy wonder asked: Dear , and how Well? You do not have something to tell me? How not to speak? Girl with a touch of something: I would say that you should know. Boy suddenly understood what: you have to break up? Girl: I said no word to say to you that, this time, for you I say. The boy said nothing, opened the door and rushed out, without looking back, he called on his best friend went Diba, bought 100 dollars K powder, all the time Hey bare I do not know too long without reason or what hey, this time he Hey big, my mind is very clear, slumped on the dance floor inside, his friend saw him on the ground, they quickly lifted him up to go home, all the way home boy in his mouth and remembered the girl’s name, this is his friend said, he did not know anything at home, just know that they like in space, like a fool. His friend helped him rushed back home to give him a cool, Flush cool boy out of the home has been full of people, all the boy’s friends, brothers, and relatives, the boy hard sober for a second, but not the girl he figure, which went back to the confused, he heard someone crying, thought it was the girl came, Jushen one, no, it was my mother for my only son worried, do not know how long, the family full of people dispersed , the boy fell asleep, in a dream, he went back together with the girls finally time … day light, dream in the sunlight unknowingly end, the boy woke up, but doing it patted his forehead, wash up a lot, looking at the bedside phone …. No, it is looking at the phone pendants, that the girl gave him the ring, he is not used with a ring, so put it into a pendant hanging a mobile phone, which he thought of the girl, he finally could not help but pick up the phone to the girl sent a message: doing? Girl: Why not go to work ah. Boy: Can you give me a chance? Girl: Is not I give you a chance you will not go out of chaos comes it? Boy a look there is hope, had nothing thinking, decisive back saying: ah! Sure! Absolutely! Quite sure! Will not recklessly! Girl: Okay! I work then send information to you! Boy That heart ah! I do not know how excited! Anxious to tell the world who he is now feeling!

In this way, they passed six months, gradually increasing their feelings, came down to the stage of development. One night, the boy about the girl to the hallway, and said: My dear, we’re engaged now! Girl: No! We are still so small, a bad marriage too early! Boy agreed girl saying: Well! After that in the Well! Girl was silent child, boy: how Well? How not to speak? Girl: We … break up … boy like a lightning bolt, the boy did not say a word, tears began disobedient to the whereabouts of the girl met was very distressed, but also could not stop the tears finally fell, the boy hugged the girl: My dear, why must it broke up with me? Girl in a hoarse voice: my parents say, if still with you, you do not want me and told me not to go home after all … Boy After a child: I can promise you break up, but you have to promise me one thing. Girl: What is it? Boy: You wait for me three years, you must not change of heart, but not allowed to marry, so I went to your house to earn money to propose marriage to marry you, I do not marry non-you! Girl promised: ah! I also do not marry non-you! Boy: Then we have from now on, pretend to break up, someone asked if, say broke up. Girl agreed to this proposal.

They separated for a few days, are the days feel like years. Finally, the New Year. I do not know the arrangement of God or what, boy one day to accompany a friend to go according to pat music, happened to meet the girl and her friends are there, start pretending they did not know. Can be followed, needless to say, to photograph, photographed together went. It is a happy day, they feel they have been a long time not so happy, and later boys and girls to go home, the girl to the house, and stopped: I do not think of you every day, I want to see you every day! I’m going with you! Boy: Are not you afraid your parents do not you? Girl: I’m happy I call the shots! If they force me again, I told you to run away to go! Are you willing to do? Boy: I am willing! One hundred willing! One thousand willing! Then we save money, we eloped to go to the Dragon Boat Festival! Girl: Good! Let’s elope to the moon! Oh …

They finally came together …

Years ranging from people, and gone for six months, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, after such a long time, the girl’s parents and the boy’s parents are aware of the things that the two of them, the girl’s parents know that the girl is going to tell the boy elopement, so the two of them are wondering to first set a pro, both parents agree on the time, the reality is like fiction, the boy’s grandfather was sick at home and is a very serious cancer, so the boy a person back home, this engagement issue, so has been compromised with. .

Boy has to go back to take care of a grandfather three months, and ultimately failed to survive grandfather, died. . Boy very sad, because he was my grandparents grew up three big time took, has been taken to go to work until the age of 15, the past 15 years do not explain the feelings of everyone understand that. Because my grandfather’s death, the boy became very negative, the girl forgot, three months, no one called her phone, no one sent a text message to her, did not give her a QQ sent a message, but he loved girls. However, so long as the girl did not receive any information about the boy, that boy is no longer love her, that one day, she saw his QQ picture lit, they take the initiative to speak to him: Do not be sad, old people the end of the day will leave, and you’ve got me! Information not return the boy saw the girl on a sleep into the bed, he was in tears, and he too would like a grandfather, he recalled the previous grandfather gave him little time Xiaoping Guo, back him to go shopping, to send him to school, but also to buy him ice cream eating … head was full of grandfather figure, grandfather smile, he would never see my grandfather, and grew more and more sad. A few days later, my grandfather buried later, his mood a little slow some of them. The girl gave him a message, and: you do not love me anymore? You do not want me? Boy: ah, yes. Boy crazy …. Here is their conversation:

In this way, all over … break up, the girl told the boy promised a promise: After you find the other half later I will find. Boys always remember this sentence.

A year has passed, and in this year, the boys will always think of the girl, and does not know the girls had no thought of him as a boy he knew, some things just fine as long as they knew, no tell others about this, can not say that has always been a secret, so here I do not say, he just wanted her to be happy, I hope he do not choose the wrong person, the other what is no longer important, the boy had said to the girl, You’re my all, because I except you, nothing, I will use my life to travel to your commitment.

The girls in this year, because broke up, singles, and more people have sought together, she was not one tempted, but later, he ultimately failed to trip her boy’s promise before he found a one, and given the pro. Boys know the future, very sad, very regretted his open hand. But now how can you like? He knew she could not go back, and she has been hurt his thorough. Boys only one man fell, the boy has been waiting for the girl to get married that day, because he remembered the words he said to the girl: I will travel with a lifetime commitment to you, follow my breath until the heartbeat stops. He said to himself, waiting for her after the wedding, I can safely leave. Ruqierzhi girls wedding day, she finally married, shining with tears he smiled, and then face stiff, turned and departed …

Boys and girls came together to watch the sunrise before the beach, pulled out a ring from the body, it was the first girl to send him a gift, eyes shining with tears, kissed the ring, he thought wanted band Girl watching the sunset, has no chance, he had come prepared needles, inserted into his own pulse, the boy chose to leave, no longer thinking about the girl day and night, and he never came back, he never come back …


Love is Heartbreak and Missing

Love is Heartbreak and Missing

Love you
Just a moment
With the beating heart of your shadow
Love you
Only incidentally
Flying Heart accompanied Pursuit

Heartbreak Quotes

Only on the other side of love
Watch hopeless feelings
Monologue the night sky
Listen to the voices of the universe

Always used with passionate eyes
To discover the heart of the distance
Always carefully sentiment
Earthly love and hate

Love is actually worried about heartache
To take you to hear the wind, said the rain
The bitter experience of burial
Go with you to enjoy the taste of the scent of ink
Put your theme evolved into poetry

A passionate kiss
Give a warm heart happiest
A look Feelings
Heal all the melancholy

Love is actually worried about heartache
With a sincere oath
The temptation to read the mind

Love is actually worried about heartache
Life with spiritual care
No regrets